This Week’s Flavors

Here at Berry Yo, we like to keep it Fresh, Fun and Healthy. This is why all our flavors are Fat and Gluten Free (except for our custard machine of course). We also have at least one sugar and dairy free option available at all times!
Wedding Cake Gelato Snickerdoodle Cookie Cake Snickerdoodle
Chocolate Milkshake Chocolate Eggnog Shake Peanut Butter
French Toast Berry Yo Breakfast Pecan
Tart Mango Tart Mango
Sugar Free Vanilla Sugar Free Swirl Sugar Free Chocolate
Strawberry Sensation Strawberry and Cream French Vanilla
Peach Italian Ice **DAIRY FREE** Paradise Italian Ice **DAIRY FREE** Pineapple Italian Ice **DAIRY FREE**
Chocolate Custard **OUR FAMOUS FLAVOR** Custard Swirl Vanilla Custard