Our Story

Sheila, Mick and Jim have always felt a strong sense of family within their community. Not being able to let go of the strong values and even stronger relationships they’ve acquired, the two brothers and sister were never able to venture too far from those they called family. Sheila, Mick and Jim are now raising families of their own in a community they call home.  After years of making life-long friendships and countless memories, the siblings decided they would like to give back to their community. So Sheila, Mick and Jim embarked on a lifelong dream of opening their very own frozen yogurt shop, in the middle of Arlington Heights. They didn’t want to start just another frozen yogurt place. They wanted to create a fun environment to share a fresh treat with those they called family. Now their dream has become a reality, and Berry Yo is supplying the community with sweet treats and even sweeter service.