• South Middle School Swirl & Care

    Posted on April 1, 2013 by in Berry Yo Events, The Scoop We couldn't be happier to announce our brand new Swirl & Care with South Middle School! It's been a while since our last one, so just to refresh everyone's memory, a Swirl & Care is when we pick a specific day to partner with a great school, charity, organization, or team and give 10% of all sales for that day to that cause! That's why we're so proud to be doing our latest Swirl & Care on April 9th with South Middle School! We've always been a big supporter of local schools, and have even done previous events with South Middle School, so we know that they are a perfect match for our Swirl & Care program! So before April 9th make sure you've obtained your South Middle School Swirl & Care slip, and then come in on that Tuesday, April 9th, present the slip to the cashier and you'll be donating to the kids while enjoying delicious frozen yogurt. It's a win-win!! That's April 9th everybody, so make sure you come out, enjoy some feel good froyo and let's earn some money for the South Middle School students!