• Froyo Facts

    Posted on September 25, 2012 by in Good ol' healthy fun Frozen Yogurt is much more than a fantastic food, many people eat yogurt for its health benefits. So here are some interesting health tips we'd like to share with you about frozen yogurt! Yogurt is a cultured milk product, made by adding good bacteria to milk. These are called "probiotics" and nutritional data suggests that probiotic cultures aid in curing so many of our current ills including digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome and general well-being. The cultures in yogurt when present in the intestinal tract of the body insure proper balance needed for digestion and good health. Frozen yogurt with live, active cultures can also: • Help overcome lactose intolerance • Aid digestion of milk protein • Help prevent and combat digestive tract infections In addition, frozen yogurt is a good source of: • Protein • Calcium • Potassium • The vitamins B12 and Riboflavin Frozen yogurt never tasted so good and guilt-free!